Pig roast and BBQ class Saturday, May 3, 2014 Columbia, Md

I am hosting a Pig Roast and BBQ Cooking Class on Saturday, May 3, 2014 in Columbia, Md. Reservations are now being accepted by sending me an email: Click here: Pig Roast and BBQ Class

The class will feature:

Roasting a Pig
Roasting Pit Beef
A discussion of the various smokers, cookers and gadgets
Lunch (Pit Beef Sandwiches)
Cooking Baked Beans
Discuss rubs and sauces, recipes and cooking times/temps
KCBS BBQ competitions
Dinner with the whole roasted pig as the entree!  😀

This will be a hands on class: topic discussion, demonstration and class participation. The class will last about 8 hours starting at 10 AM and ending around 6 PM. We will start by prepping the pig and putting it on the cooker. The pig will take about 6 hours to cook. Once the pig is on, we will prepare the pit beef and roast for our lunch. Then follows a discussion on the different smokers, tools, wood and gadgets that are available.Then, let’s take a break for lunch with pit beef sandwiches. After lunch, we will prepare the baked beans (for dinner) followed by a discussion on rubs, sauces, recipes and cooking times. Finally we will discuss KCBS competitions. We will have various breaks throughout the day. By the end of the day comes the best part. The pig will be removed from the cooker and setup for carving. Bring your camera for some great pictures. We will let the pig rest for about 30 minutes and begin to chop and pull the meat for pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw and baked beans.

Everything will be provided except for drinks so bring what ever you want to drink. You will also want to bring doggie bags to take home the pork, baked beans and beef.

Cost will be $100 per person .  Call or email me to reserve your spot now: Click here: Pig Roast and BBQ Class

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  • 50 pound
    Pig Roast
    Full Service
    70 pound
    Pig Roast
    Full Service
    Beef Brisket
    minimum 15 lbs.
    Per Pound
    Pig Roast Pit
    Roasted Pig +
    70 People