Our Mobile Kitchen

mobile steeplechase

Our mobile kitchen allows us to cater any event of your choice from sports to wedding venues, picnics, fundraisers, family reunions and more.

You can also use our food truck for your promotional events, farmers markets, carnivals and for disaster relief efforts.   We can provide most of our menu items and can accommodate any other of your menu needs.  We will work with you to provide the best event ever!

Rent our mobile kitchen—yes, we do rent our mobile kitchen.  Our mobile kitchen is fully equipped with a deep fryer, griddle, range top, refrigerator, freezer, hand wash and a 3 compartment sink.  It has two 25 gallon water tanks for potable and waste water.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

We have partnered with the Lisbon Town Grill as our base of operations.


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  • 50 pound
    Pig Roast
    Full Service
    70 pound
    Pig Roast
    Full Service
    Beef Brisket
    minimum 15 lbs.
    Per Pound
    Pig Roast Pit
    Roasted Pig +
    70 People