Holiday season dinner parties

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Consider booking us now for those special parties that you are planning to host. We are here to help you have the best party or event ever.  We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any event situation and we can provide whatever you want for that special event.  Whether it is a special romantic evening, special birthday, anniversary, wedding or just a friendly get together with friends, you can depend on the Maryland Pig Roaster for our professionalism and attention to detail.

Ruhl’s Annual Christmas Tree farm sale Weekends December 6,7,13,14, 2014

Ruhl’s tree farm is host of the annual Christmas tree farm.  Located in Phoenix, Md., the annual Christmas tree sale has been going on for years.  The Maryland Pig Roaster has been selected to provide food during this event.  The event is on weekends beginning December 6,7,13,14, 2014.  Our menu will be:

  • Pulled Pork,
  • Chili,
  • Hot-dogs,
  • Drinks, chips, cookies and candy

So come on out, get your Christmas tree and a pulled pork, chili or hot-dog sandwich.

Ruhl’s address is:

14430 Jarrettsville Pike

Phoenix, Md. 21131

Our Mobile Kitchen

mobile steeplechase

Our mobile kitchen allows us to cater any event of your choice from sports to wedding venues, picnics, fundraisers, family reunions and more.

You can also use our food truck for your promotional events, farmers markets, carnivals and for disaster relief efforts.   We can provide most of our menu items and can accommodate any other of your menu needs.  We will work with you to provide the best event ever!

Rent our mobile kitchen—yes, we do rent our mobile kitchen.  Our mobile kitchen is fully equipped with a deep fryer, griddle, range top, refrigerator, freezer, hand wash and a 3 compartment sink.  It has two 25 gallon water tanks for potable and waste water.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

We have partnered with the Lisbon Town Grill as our base of operations.


Ironbridge Hounds Horse Trails Mobile Kitchen event October 4th, 2014


The Maryland Pig Roaster is pleased to be invited to supply the food for this event.  Our newly acquired mobile kitchen will be on hand to provide:

  • Pulled Pork
  • Pulled Chicken
  • Langenfelder BBQ
  • Hamburgers
  • Cole Slaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Chips, drinks, cookies and candy will also be available

A rain date has been set up as October 5, 2014

The website for the event is:



Valentines dinner in Accokeek, Md.

Kia contacted me to do a Valentines Day dinner for her husband, Kabuchi, and herself.  We created the following menu:

  • Green salad with raspberry balsamic dressing
  • Appetizer: White wine shrimp and pasta
  • Entrée: Crab-stuffed Filet Mignon in a whiskey peppercorn Sauce
  • Side Dish: Sautéed asparagus in olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar
  • Dessert: Apple Crisp:  a baked apple dish with brown sugar served with Vanilla Ice Cream

I arrived at their beautiful new home about 5 PM and met Kia and Kabuchi for the first time.  After discussing what  service  I would be providing that evening, I began preparing their special dinner in their lovely kitchen.  Kia had purchased some nice red wines for the dinner, of which I opened one and served for them.  We took our time, having great conversation about whiskeys (I used Makers Mark for the whiskey peppercorn sauce and Kabuchi and I sampled some.  During the service, Kaleb, their (almost) 3 month old son awoke to see what was going on.  The service completed about 9 PM.  It was a very nice evening and the food turned out great. Below are some photo’s that Kia took.


Dessert: Apple Crisp: a baked apple dish with brown sugar served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Dessert: Apple Crisp: a baked apple dish with brown sugar served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Side Dish and entree

Side Dish and entree

Chef John

Chef John

Appetizer: White wine shrimp and pasta

Appetizer: White wine shrimp and pasta



Green salad with raspberry balsamic dressing

Green salad with raspberry balsamic dressing

A dinner party among friends

As part of our personal chef services, Lindsey contacted me to prepare a special dinner for herself and two friends, one who is getting married in June.  Lindsey wanted a special evening and thought having a personal chef cook in her home would be a treat.  Lindsey and I worked on a menu to include gluten-free foods with a vegetarian option.  The menu we worked up, courtesy of Chef Alba Johnson from her Brazilian and French Cooking classes, was:

Pao de Queijo (cheese puffs) made with tapioca flour
Brazilian Coconut Chicken (where we substituted Cod, Shrimp and tofu for the chicken)
Brazilian Stuffed Peppers
Tarte fine aux pommes (Tart with thin apples where we substituted a dish in place of the puff pastry tart)

Lindsey lives in a beautiful condo in Fells Point overlooking the harbor.  What a magnificent kitchen to cook in!  After meeting Lindsey’s friends, Jeannie and Emily (the bride-to-be), I sat down with these three beautiful ladies and reviewed what we would be preparing for their dinner.  Then I quickly got down to work.  With their help, we prepared all the ingredients that we would need for the dishes. Dinner was ready about 9 PM (they snacked on the Pao de Queijo).  After dinner, I prepared the Apple tart.  Lindsey’s comment to me via a text message was “we had a fabulous evening.  Thank you again for making it fun and, not to mention, absolutely delicious”  I, too, had a lot of fun cooking for these three lovely ladies. Jeannie sent me an email: “Thanks for a wonderful meal on Saturday! It was a perfect way to enjoy our girls night out with added delicious entertainment.  It was a treat.”.

Chef john

Chef john Brazilian Stuffed Peppers

jeannie emily lindsey

jeannie emily lindsey

Brazilian Coconut Chicken (where we substituted Cod, Shrimp and tofu for the chicken)

Brazilian Coconut Chicken


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